Break the cage. Own the sky.

By day, I’m a madcap schoolteacher. By night, I’m a love + dating coach — and a romantic adventurer of the highest order.

As the creator of Rare Bird Co., I help lovable oddballs find true love — and fall in love with themselves, along the way. Whether you’re seeking a sensational online dating profile, a guide to attracting your very own mantourage, or a saucy First Date Adventure Kit — I’ve got an offering for every bird in the flock.


{ Who this work is for }


Women + Men who have always been interested in different ways of showing up in the world

People who demand fun as part of the main course of their work, not as a side dish

If you get it like that, I believe you’re a Rare Bird

So, Rare Bird, if you know the only thing keeping yourself from true freedom is you,

but you don’t know what steps to take to change that…or you need a little nudge out of the nest,

If you believe there is more for you in this life,

then check out my offerings and get in touch with me today.


{Who this work is NOT for }

This work is NOT for people who are not ready to invest their time and money into changing their life.

If you’re curious about how much I like chocolate or want to learn more about chocolate, check out this mini-project of mine: Zen Chocolate Project


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